Measurements and tuning


The inspection step is important for the success of the system. Especially when the documentation does not describe everything, for example, the architectural constraints to the assembly of equipment and cables.

Environmental measurements

If the environment to be studied has its final furnishings and final coatings, the acoustical characteristics can be measured , so that the electro-acoustic project will also be made predictions on speech intelligibility and clarity of music.

If the need is an acoustic correction, then in addition to the above measures, an additional inspection can tell which are the treatable surfaces .

Measurement tools

Measurement microphone

PC audio interface

Measurement software SMAART-LIVE


Audio Editor

Audio convolver

Speech intelligibility STI-PA meter

System fine tuning

With the system is installed,the parameters necessary for optimum performance will be set:
sound pressure level and its uniformity
alignment of the sources (delay)
linearity of the frequency response (equalization)