Why the need

Theatres, conference rooms, board rooms, concert halls, houses of worship are places that exist  to listen to the word and music.
Sports facilities, hospitals, shopping centers, offices, airports, etc .. are places where the best distribution of the audio signal is important for safety, for the effectiveness of communications and to make your stay more enjoyable.
To achieve a sound system to perfection you need to show to the customer in advance the details of what will go to buy:

  • equipment defined in type, quantity and method of installation
  • written description and graphical system performance
  • connection mode

If the project concerns only the acoustic part, whether it be of the evaluation of the characteristics of a concert hall or programming of an intervention of soundproofing, an auralisation can be realized, ie the production of audio files that show the environment  response or the effectiveness of the correction simply by listening to an audio signal "in the environment ".

Design tools

Acoustic and electroacoustic design 

Drawings, schemes - various CAD SW